Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Abu Dhabi :)

hari ke-4 saya ke Abu Dhabi. hihi. dapatlah melawat Ferrari World. banyak sangat games yang best!! rase nak duduk sepanjang hari. malam kami pergi melawat the Original Version of Sultan Of Science di Ibn Battuta Mall.

Ferrari World

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

my little brother

Ibn Battuta Mall

Dubai Souk

international lunch
Fifth and final day we went to Old Souk for shopping then we went to Wafi City in Dubai. Mall ni ala ala Piramid. mmg sangat artistic . unique decorations and so beautiful. enjoy the pictures :)


Alhamdulillah dapat juga peluang untuk visit Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 9th February, we arrived at Dubai International Airport, seronok tengok semua orang berjubah. terkejut act. such a diffrent experience and view. sangat cantik dan sangat handsome. very polite people.  without wasting time. we went to Festival City and do some shopping at Hard Rock Cafe Dubai. my dad is a BIG Fan of HRC. he collects all the shirts, glasses, pins and many more. as for me, i bought a new jeans. maroon. i love it :)
 Second day we went for City Visit. thanks to Mr Mohan our private tour guide. for great tour and learning experience about UAE heritage and history. after all day visiting so many amazing places, we went for dinner . cruise dinner. siap ada magic show lagi. and i was forced to dance. so dengan tak malu menari lah atas kapal lagu hindustan.

 Third day, saya pergi ke padang pasir menaiki Hummer!!! okey syok sangat :)

Camp at Petrosains

i was selected to be one of volunteers for Sahabat Camp in Petrosains. mybe i was chosen sbb mmg dah selalu jadi fasi untuk sekolah kawasan pedalaman so camp Sahabat ni lebih mencabar. such a great experience. dengar cerita and dpat lihat sendiri perbezaan kita dengan mereka. siap jumpa adik angkat lagi. terima kasih adik kerana memberi kerjasama. segalanya mudah dengan bantuan semua orang. thankyou so much. hopefully i can join the next camp. outreach program maybe.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Propa Raya @ Petrosains

the best! first picture of the day.

special cake for all :) red velvet. rase secantik rupa !

gift but not for me :(

jelitawan :)  harini semua bergaya. selalu kami NERD okey

mermaid with lovely hearts :)

sayang dan rindu rakan baik di sana :) kenangku selalu tau

berpropa dengan my daddy :)
this event was on 3rd September 2012. at Petrosains of course, and all board Directors, CEO, head of departments, staff and selected volunteers were invited :) such a fun and funny event. oppa gangam style! you know what is the best part, the staff and volunteer are very sporting and talented! catwalk, singing, dancing, acting, !! u name it. we can do it :)

Volunteer Orientation Programs

for one week. at Petrosains KLCC. I met brilliant people with kind heart. Lucky Me!
im officially a part of Exhibit Technology Team :) im lovin it :)


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FLORIA  amazing place. beautiful flowers. great bonding time with bestfriends. i miss all of you very much :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Alumni KMJ

Helloo KMJ.....from 1st Feb until 5th Feb i was in KMJ
im the Facilitator :) bangga sangat.
It was fantastic i have to say. meeting seniors and juniors.
Sharing experiances and advices.
I miss the talk,the laugh, and the tears.
Thanks brothers and sisters.
i couldn't ask for a better holiday :)