Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Alhamdulillah dapat juga peluang untuk visit Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 9th February, we arrived at Dubai International Airport, seronok tengok semua orang berjubah. terkejut act. such a diffrent experience and view. sangat cantik dan sangat handsome. very polite people.  without wasting time. we went to Festival City and do some shopping at Hard Rock Cafe Dubai. my dad is a BIG Fan of HRC. he collects all the shirts, glasses, pins and many more. as for me, i bought a new jeans. maroon. i love it :)
 Second day we went for City Visit. thanks to Mr Mohan our private tour guide. for great tour and learning experience about UAE heritage and history. after all day visiting so many amazing places, we went for dinner . cruise dinner. siap ada magic show lagi. and i was forced to dance. so dengan tak malu menari lah atas kapal lagu hindustan.

 Third day, saya pergi ke padang pasir menaiki Hummer!!! okey syok sangat :)

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