Saturday, September 22, 2012

Propa Raya @ Petrosains

the best! first picture of the day.

special cake for all :) red velvet. rase secantik rupa !

gift but not for me :(

jelitawan :)  harini semua bergaya. selalu kami NERD okey

mermaid with lovely hearts :)

sayang dan rindu rakan baik di sana :) kenangku selalu tau

berpropa dengan my daddy :)
this event was on 3rd September 2012. at Petrosains of course, and all board Directors, CEO, head of departments, staff and selected volunteers were invited :) such a fun and funny event. oppa gangam style! you know what is the best part, the staff and volunteer are very sporting and talented! catwalk, singing, dancing, acting, !! u name it. we can do it :)

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